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Breathe – Stretch – Relax – Feel Great !

YOGA with Louise  in Malahide, Swords & Donabate

Yoga your way to great health & happiness – You’ll feel fantastic!

MONDAY at Tree of Life Holistic Centre MALAHIDE 

6:20 pm – Yoga (all levels welcome)

7:30pm –  Yoga for all levels

Special Offer 6 weeks ONLY € 75 or Drop in = € 15 (General) €18 (Pregnancy)

TUESDAY at Emmaus Centre SWORDS 

6:15 pm – Yoga for all levels

7:20pm –  Yoga for Improvers

8:25pm – Yoga for all levels

Special Offer 6 weeks ONLY € 75

SATURDAY at Tree of Life Holistic Centre MALAHIDE 

10:00 am –  Yoga for all levels

11:15  am –  Yoga for all levels

Special Offer 6 weeks ONLY € 75 or Drop in = € 15

Yoga in Donabate starting in October

Call or text for details and to reserve your place

Choose a class to suit your schedule – Classes fill quickly!

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BREATHE in the new-ness of each new day.  STRETCH a little more and you will generate new energy.  RELAX a lot more and enjoy living.  FEEL GREAT after your Yoga class.  We look forward to welcoming you.

GENERAL HATHA YOGA: Enjoy a low impact Yoga class, suitable for all ages and any level of fitness or flexibility.  You’ll love it! It’s great to make time for yourself and your wellbeing in your busy schedule.  This is an important step to take to support your mind and body as you move through your life.  You’ll be so delighted You Do Yoga…
There are many health benefits; Yoga helps to improve flexibility, increasing circulation while loosening stiffness within the joints.  Yoga relaxes muscles, eases aches and pain, strengthens the immune system and supports the respiratory system.  Practicing Yoga aids sleep, reduces stress and elevates the mood and the feel-good factor. All classes are for 1 hour.

Classes currently available in Malahide and Swords and starting soon in Donabate

Choose a class to suit your schedule – Classes fill quickly!

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GIFT VOUCHERS for All Occasions

Phone Louise 087 9910747 or email info@ZenLifeIreland.com

MINDFULNESS for Managing Stress

Available for Individuals or Groups

Practicing Mindfulness-Keeping it simple!
You will be guided through a practice of a special selection of tried and tested relaxation, meditation and mindfulness methods, the benefits of which you will feel instantly.
Each week will follow a particular theme and you will be gently guided towards a more relaxed way of being in a safe and non judgemental environment.

This class is designed to instill a sense of calm, helping to quieten the mind from constant chatter, inducing the relaxation response to help ease aches and ailments, improving our mood making us feel healthier and happier.
No experience required, open to all ages and levels of mobility.

This course will be led by Louise Tyrrell (Fagan). With passion and inspiration she encourages us to uncover our own source of wellbeing – often leading to great transformation in our lives.
Louise has over 20 years of experience, has appeared on local radio, as a guest speaker at many events and on RTE television. Since 1996, she has studied and shared the teachings of Mindfulness and Meditation, attending courses with Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr.Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay and Robert Holden, many of whom she has met in person. Louise creates a calm, comfortable, caring space where we look forward to welcoming you.
Join us on a journey into wellbeing. To book, please call 087 9910747

or email info@ZenLifeIreland.com


Invitation to

Present Moment Meditations in Malahide

During this session you will be gently guided through a special selection

of soothing meditations, which will help to calm the mind – freeing it from the constant chatter. 

Invoking a sense of stillness, these simple meditations can help us to learn to let go and live life with ease. 

You will feel wonderfully relaxed and well.

These sessions always fill fast – so early booking is advised.

 Friday 14th September, 7:30pm – 9pm

Investment €20

 Look forward to seeing you, Louise

 Phone 087 9910747



By request

Digital Detox Days / Weekends / Mini Retreats

Take time out from the constant connection to phones, computers, television, etc.  Did you know that being permanently ‘plugged in’ to your digital devices may be adversely affecting your health & wellbeing, e.g. causing anxiety, poor sleep, back-ache (just a few of the adverse affects). During your Digital Detox you will have the opportunity to re-connect with yourself through the practice of Yoga, mindfulness and meditation.  This experience will leave you with a sense of renewed energy and vitality and you will also have learned a lot of wonderful techniques to practice any time you wish.

Places Limited so Pre-Booking Required once details announced

Phone Louise 087 9910747 or email info@ZenLifeIreland.com

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